About us

Copper Baths is a family owned Australian business that takes pride in delivery high quality pure copper baths and sinks across Australia. We work very closely with our manufacturing unit in making sure each product is designed, created & supplied with attention to detail and in a timely manner.

All our copper baths are durable, have great heat retention, mould resistant & are long lasting. Copper sinks & baths will also patina over time, thereby resulting in a unique finish over time.

All our copper baths & sinks come in various designs and sizes.

We look forward to working with all our customers as a leading quality supplier. If you have a unique design in mind, please contact us to discuss your project in detail.

How are Copper Baths made?

Each copper bath is made by heating copper sheets and then hammering them into shape and size according to the design. One of the benefits of buying a copper bath or sink is the ability to complement almost any type of bathroom décor, from modern, traditional or an antique style.