Benefits Of Copper


Copper offers anti-bacterial properties so it requires little in the way of being disinfected and cleaned. Use a light soap to clean, or a microfiber cloth and wipe away dots of moisture to prevent marks on the copper.


Copper scratches heal over time. Enamel baths can scratch easily and once they are scratched, the only way to disguise it is to try and buff it or re-enamel the bath. Scratches made on a copper bath will disappear over time as copper has a living finish.

Copper baths age well. Unlike some bathroom trends – eg coloured tapware, copper baths will always stand the test of time and look good, even if they do darken over time.

Copper Baths Heat Fast And Retain Warmth Brilliantly because the metal is a superconductor, the walls of the tub warm very quickly then hold the temperature for much longer than other materials such as cast iron or acrylic. The heat absorbed by the copper conducts back rapidly into the hot water.

A bathtub made of copper is a great way to kill all microorganisms and inhibit their growth because copper retains heat longer than the materials of common bathtubs.